Serverless Platform Showdown

source: by Akila Ishani

didn’t remember from where i got this screenshot.

computeAWS LambdaAzure FunctionsCloud FunctionsCloud Functions
API ProxyAzure API GatewayAPI Management
Azure Functions Proxies
ApigeeAPI Connect
StorageAmazon S3Azure StorageCloud StorageCloud Object Storage
DatabaseAmazon DynamoDBAzure Cosmos DBCloud DatabaseCloudant NoSQL Database
Security and Access ControlAmazon CognitoAzure Active DirectoryGoogle Security ModelApp ID Secure Gateway
Cloud MessagingAmazon SNS
Amazon SQS
Event Grid
Service Bus
Cloud Pub/SubPush Notifications
Message Hub
OrchestrationAWS Step FunctionsLogic AppsApp EngineApp Connect
AnalyticsAmazon Kinesis
Amazon Athena
Azure Stream Analytics
Event Hubs
Cloud Dataflow
Cloud ML Engine
Streaming Analytics
Developer ToolsAWS SAM / AWS SAM Local

Open source & third party framework

AWS Developer Tools

Monitoring & Logging tools

AWS Cloud9
Visual Studio

Team Services

Application Insights

Third-party frameworks
Cloud Deployment Manager

Cloud Source Repositories

Cloud Tools for IntelliJ, PowerShell, Visual Studio

Firebase Test Lab
Continuous Delivery

Continuous Release

Logging & Monitoring tools

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